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Pearl Aromatherapy therapeutic massage blends have been successfully used by our customers for 30 years.

All blends use essential oils diluted with grapeseed carrier oil so they can be applied to the skin directly. Put a small amount on to the area and massage gently until absorbed completely, once a day or as required.
Each blend has a specific use, but all benefit the body, mind and spirit …

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  • No 1: Joint Ease = Can ease joint pain, stiffness and arthritis.
    Contains – Lavender, rosemary & eucalyptus – Not suitable for high blood pressure – Apply to joints.
  • No 2: Respiration = Can relax breathing and improve the respiratory system.
    Contains – Eucalyptus, lavender & lemon – Apply to chest throat and upper back.
  • No 3: Cellulite and fluid retention = Can be a diuretic and toning.
    Contains – Fennel, juniper & rosemary – Not suitable high blood pressure & pregnancy, Apply to hips & thighs after bathing.
  • No 4: Sensitive Skin = Can help conditions such as eczema and allergies.
    Contains – Camomile – Use test area first.
  • No 5: Head Tension = Can be uplifting, energising and good for muscular tension.
    Contains – Lavender, rosemary & peppermint – Not suitable for high blood pressure- Apply to temples and neck.
  • No 6: Tiredness & Lethargy = Can be uplifting and refreshing.
    Contains – Basil, lemon & geranium – Apply to temples.
  • No 7: Problem Skin = Can be uplifting and relaxing and can improve skin condition.
    Contains – Lavender, camomile & bergamot – Apply to skin/ scalp daily – do test area first
  • No 8: Sleep = Can be relaxing and improve sleep.
    Contains – Ylang ylang, lavender & marjoram – Apply to temples, neck and shoulders.
  • No 9: Muscular = Can help aches and pains.
    Contains – Lavender, eucalyptus & marjoram – Apply to muscle tissue.
  • No 10: Circulation = Can help cold hands and feet and can be warming and stimulating.
    Contains – Rosemary, lemon & juniper – Not suitable on high blood pressure – Apply to hands, feet & legs.
  • No 11: Hormonal – Can help hormonal imbalances and can be balancing and cooling-Contains – Clary sage, geranium & cypress – Apply to temples, neck, shoulders or abdomen.
  • No 12: – Nasal – Can be decongestant, antiviral, boost immune system also may help with aches and pains.
    Contains – Eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree – Apply to sides of nose and throat


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